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    What is an Alliance?

    Any player over level 30 can create an Alliance and be its General. And anyone above level 25 can join an alliance as an ally. Maximum Alliance size is 12 members. You can join an Alliance by sending a request from an Alliance's page. An invite can be accepted by an Alliance General, Major General or a Lieutenant General. An Alliance General can assign any of his ally members as Major General or Lieutenant Generals. But at a given time an Alliance can have only one General. An Alliance with two Generals will not be able to accept war requests. If you want to leave an Alliance that you created, you need to first assign someone else as the new General. An Alliance General, Major General, or a Lieutenant General can send war request to another Alliance by visiting Alliance's page. A war request can be accepted by General or a Lieutenant General or a Major General. Once the request is accepted, you have 10 minutes to prepare for war.

    Who all are Alliance Members?

    General: Creator of the Alliance. Lieutenant General: Can rename Alliance, setup Alliance avatar, accept wars requests and add/remove Alliance members. Can assign someone as Lieutenant-general or Major General Major General: Can Accept wars requests and add/Remove Alliance members. Can assign someone as Major General.

    How to War?

    Once the war starts, you have 1 hour to beat the opposing Alliance. During this time your Alliance cannot add/remove allies or go to war with other Alliances. Attacking and defeating an opponent (but only from the Alliance menu and not from the normal battle list, strike list or rival list) earns points that move the war bar in your favour. Decimating the opponent earns extra points: Win gives you 10 points and Decimation gives you 20 points. Each winning attacks earns you some XP but the winning cash goes into the war booty. You can attack an opponent even if the opponent is your own commander. You can attack or be attacked by any level opponent. And there is no retreat for repairs.

    What do you get?

    At the end of the war, this booty is claimed by the winning Alliance. The General gets to claim 20% cut from this booty and rest of it is equally shared among the 10 members. If the 1 hour is up and no Alliance was able to beat the other Alliance, the war ends in a draw and nobody gets to claim the booty.

    What is Counter Strike?

    If you are the member of an Alliance, you get to counter strike any player, regardless of level, who ATTACKS and DECIMATES any of your fellow Allies. This way Alliance members can protect and look out for each other.

    What are Alliance Rivals?

    If your Alliance accepts a WAR NOTICE but lost the war, the other Alliance will be added to your alliance's RIVAL LIST. Now, you can attack back that Alliance from the 'Rivals' without them having to accept the challenge. The listing is cleared once the score is settled. In the case of WOLRD WAR, if any other alliance challenges you for your country and win, they will be added to your RIVAL LIST too.

    What are States?

    The Various States of the world can be governed by Alliances. Governor of State can collect money from these States in a fixed interval which shall be distributed among the Alliances members. But only the Alliances member assigned as a GOVERNOR by the Alliance General can collect this money. If a GOVERNOR misses collecting from a State two consecutive times, the Alliance automatically loses the State and it can be invaded by some other Alliance.

    What is World War?

    Any Alliance can at a given time govern 3 States. Any other Alliance can invade this State to take it away. Once an Invasion is made, war starts in 10 Minutes. The rules of World War are a bit different from normal wars. World wars have a weighted point system: Win can give max. 10 points and kill can give max. 20 points, both based on the level difference between the two opponents. If a war lasts 1 hour and if the challenger is not able to defeat the Alliance, the state stays with the current Alliance. In case an Alliance is governing multiple States, it will have to defend those States from multiple Alliance. The fighting over States varies with the State where the fighting is taking place. Each State has its own war rules. War Rules: ALL FORCES: Your entire Military is deployed in this war. NO GOLD UNITS: No GOLD Units can be mobilised in this war. NO POWER BOOSTS: All Boosts coming from Skill points are unusable but Tactics are used. AIR AND WATER: Only NAVY & AIR-FORCE Units are deployed. MISSILE WAR: Only Missiles can be deployed in this war NO RETREAT: Military Health does not matter in this war and an Army can be decimated over and over again.

    What are Strategic Bases?

    Strategic Bases are spread over various fronts all over the world and can be governed by Alliances. Governs of turf can collect money from these States in a fixed interval which shall be distributed among the Alliances members. They work like States but unlike States, the Strategic Base you can Takeover depends on your Alliance's Prestige level.

    What is Total Domination?

    In Total Domination, four Alliances battle each other in the last man standing scenario. An Alliance that loses the battle against any of the opponent gets kicked out. In a war, an alliance needs at least 10 wins to be considered for a winner in a war. The last Alliance standing is proclaimed the winner of Total Domination. The fighting may take place based on the type of Total Domination match: Battle of Midway: Only Navy and Air Force Units are mobilised. Operation Hellfire: All Units can be mobilised. Vietnam War: No Gold Units can be mobilised. Antarctica Deep: No Boosts and only Tactics.

    How to take part in Total Domination?

    General or a Lt. General or a Major General can join a Total Domination match by raising funds to mobilise for the war. The battle for Total Domination begins when other Alliances enlist for a match. In 24 hours, an Alliance can participate in a maximum of 10 Total Domination matches and win a maximum of 5. The type of Total Domination that an Alliance can join is randomly decided by the game.

    What does the winner of Total Domination get?

    The last Alliance standing gets all the total war spoil money x2. Plus the player who raised the fund to get back 5x return on the amount he/she put in. Each war in Total Domination is treated as a separate war, and based on the outcome of each war, Alliance gets war spoils.

    What is SeekNDestroy?

    A GENERAL or MAJOR GENERAL of an ALLIANCE can initiate a SeekNDestroy on an opposing SeekNDestroy. The opponent ALLIANCE is automatically selected on the matching levels of your individual ALLIANCE members. A new ALLIANCE is given 2 weeks of protection from getting attacked by other players using SeekNDestroy. An ALLIANCE can use this time to get more powerful.

    Finding SeekNDestroy opponents?

    The game suggests opponents based on the average level of top 5 level players in your ALLIANCE which becomes your SnD Level.

    Fight Rules

    The attacker ALLIANCE (SnD initiator) can fight only the members from the defending ALLIANCE within their fighting range. Defending ALLIANCE can fight any member of the attacker ALLIANCE irrespective of level range.

    What are AXIS Wars?

    These Alliances become more and more powerful as you fight the next wars. Also, the cash reward increases. You will be able to unlock more units in the ARSENAL on beating certain levels of the axis alliances. AXIS war does not contribute points toward the tournament.

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