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    Getting Started

    What is BattleCry?

    BattleCry is a free role-playing MMO developed by DynamicNext that is playable on Android and iOS based devices. You play as the leader of a great army fighting to gain control of various territories in a World War.

    What is your goal in the Game?

    Each player can set their own goals and objectives in the game by choosing various Strategies and Tactics. These objectives can be: Character level, Units Owned, Battle Performance, Cash, Income, Operations Completed etc.

    How to get Cash?

    You gain it by completing Operations, winning Battles and investing in Properties. It can be looted by other players battling you. For purchasing things in the game, cash in hand is considered and not the cash in treasury.

    What is Income?

    Just below Cash, you will find income. This is the cash you earn in a fixed interval from your Property investments. You need it to afford Units in the game.

    What is XP/Experience?

    It is gained by completing Operations and winning Battles. Your experience decides your level.

    What is Health?

    Health is an indication of your character's current health status. It goes down whenever you battle or are attacked by another player. If it falls under below a certain point, you are unable to battle or be attacked by other players. Health refreshes at a set rate but can be gained immediately by visiting 'Repairs' and spending treasury cash to fix your Units. Max. Health can be increased by spending skill points.

    What is Ammo?

    Ammo is used up in battles with other players. Ammo auto-update at set rate. Max. Ammo can be increased by spending skill points. You also need ammo to do the Federation fights.

    What is Supplies?

    Supplies are used for completing Operations and Special Ops.. Supplies auto-update at a set rate. Max. Supplies can be increased by spending skill points.

    What are Skill Points?

    Skill points are gained on level ups and on achieving honors. These can be used to increase Max. Health, AMMO or SUPPLIES. It can also be used to directly increase your ATTACK POWER or DEFENSE POWER.

    Who are Commanders?

    When you recruit a player to your Military, your Commander Count goes up. A commander can then be assigned ARMY, AIR FORCE or NAVY UNITS. Each commander can command max. 10 Units in each Class of their assigned category.

    What is Strategy and how do I set one?

    A strategy let's the player better mange a particular game resource A player can set his strategy in the 'R&D' tab. A player can set it for free the first time but all subsequent strategy change would cost Gold Bars. There are three types of strategies: AMMO: Generate Ammo Faster. SUPPLIES: Generate Supplies Faster. CASH: Generate Cash Faster.

    What are TACTICS?

    On finishing a level of a Operations Zone, a player gets certain tactic points. A player assign these tactic points in 'R&D' to increase the power of Ground, Air or Naval Units.

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