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    What is the Attack Range?

    At a given time, you can attack a level 20% below your level and there is no upper range. That means at level 100, you can attack level 90 and above.

    I can't see all Fed Captains in my Fed. Zone?

    You have to be in the right CMD.Center location to see the corresponding Fed Captains

    How to Battle other players?

    You gain experience and cash by battling other players. Each battle takes away some of your health too. You must have a minimum amount of health and 1 AMMO point to engage in Battle. The outcome of a Battle depends on your Commander Count, their distribution and the kind of Units they are commanding. In a Battle, whether attacking or defending, the game automatically equips each assigned Commander with 1 each of a best Units of every Class from ARMY, AIR FORCE, NAVY and SPECIALS that you have deployed. Each 1 Commander gets to command at max. 10 Units of each Class in ARMY, AIRFORCE, NAVY and SPECIAL UNITS. If you have CAPTAINS, they will enhance your power by taking extra units in each Class of a particular category of Units. The max. number of CAPTAINS you can have is (your level *3) for each category of UNITs, Army, Airforce, Navy and Specials.

    How can I change my Flag?

    You can change your Flag by going to your Profile then Edit tab.

    How can I reset the game?

    You can reset the game by going to 'Edit' option in your profile. You can use the 'Reset Account' option if you want to retain your Gold, Gold Units and Gold Captains/ But, if you use the free 'Erase Account' option, all of those will also be removed permanently.

    While doing Fed Captain fight, the bar is not decreasing. What happened?

    It is a display issue that can happen if the game is left open for too long. Reloading the app should fix the issue.

    Can I donate Gold/Cash to an alliance member?

    No, such option is not supported in the game.

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