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    My Alliance

    My Alliance


    General: Creator of the Alliance.

    Lieutenant General: Can rename Alliance, setup Alliance avatar, accept wars requests and add/remove Alliance members. Can assign someone as Lieutenant-general or Major General

    Major General: Can Accept wars requests and add/Remove Alliance members. Can assign someone as Major General.


    Complete Log of all the Events happening in the Alliance from Wars to Allies Joining and Leaving.


    Alliance Stats is Listed under this Tab. It includes:

    • Wars Won
    • Wars Lost
    • Member Count
    • Valor Points
    • Total Domination Win
    • Tournament Wins

    And also, the Tournament Stats.


    Other Alliances can communicate with the Players Alliance through this Chatbox.


    States under the control of the Alliance will be listed here. This helps in enabling timely and uninterrupted collection from the states.


    The complete Log of Alliances Wars will be available under this Tab and Retaliations can be carried out from here.


    Alliance members can communicate within themselves using this Chatbox.


    These are Special Units only available from Alliance. They can be obtained from Axis Wars and Tournament Wins.

    Name Attack Defence Note


    The Rival Alliances who attacked you will be listed here and can be retaliated from here. There is a 24 Hour Limit on retalliations.


    • WarSpoils: Every war the players Alliance won, he will be getting a War Spoils from the Rival Alliance. This will be distributed among the Allies. Tournament rewards and these war spoils will be listed here to be collected. They will be cleared off the list as new entries come in. So players need to collect them ASAP to avoid losing them.
    • Counter Strikes: If your Alliance is Decimated by any player, you can Battle them and Decimate them without Level restrictions to show your Alliance Strength.
    • Backups: You can send backup Units to your Alliance members.(6 a Day). This can be either the Cap. Buzz or Muzzler V.

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