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    Ops are one way to earn experience, cash and in some cases special Units that help you complete other Ops. Ops can be done in various zones around the world. All Ops have requirements in terms of Supplies, Commander Count, Units and Level. Additional Zones and Ops are unlocked as you reach specific levels. On completing all the Phases of Ops in a Zone, you gain Tactical points which can be used to increase the power of GROUND, AIR or NAVAL Units.

    Arabian Deserts

    Sector 1

    Mission Name Level Pillage
    Destroy enemy machine gun nests 0
    Survive enemy counterstrike 1
    neutralize enemy artillery positions 1
    Recon and break enemy lines 2
    Reorganize and blitzkrieg 3
    Raid enemy Base 3 jvwoxPg7fCBSpo21kd7uZw.png?.png
    Take out enemy command line 4
    Destroy enemy base 5

    Sector 2

    Mission Name Level Pillage
    Rescue a group of POWs 6 Lq8Qm1PUJeL5svmuBV7ELQ.png?.png
    Take over enemy infrastructure 6
    Take out enemy snipers 7
    Fortify your perimeters 8
    Check sectors for enemy mine fields 8
    Create a diversion 9
    Engage enemy tank division 10
    Set up a communication center 10

    Sector 3

    Mission Name Level Pillage
    Capture and interrogate enemy command 11 6aZcChFZOc3szRzFmDOP7Q.png?.png
    Call in reinforcements 11
    Take on enemy Air Units 11
    Carpet bomb enemy locations 11
    Wipe-out enemy air support 16
    Cross minefields 17
    Eliminate Enemy Command Central 19
    Get rid of the insurgents 20

    Asia Pacific

    The Coast

    Mission Name Level Pillage
    Send out Patrol Boats on raid 21 SY1cpJqR9em8xi-0D81xpA.png?.png
    Disrupt enemy's naval supply routes 23
    Raid an enemy Naval Boat 25
    Setup a Coastal Artillery Reservation 27
    Defend the Coastline 30
    Co-ordinate a counter attack with ground forces 32
    Chase down enemy spy boats 35
    Sink enemy naval patrol Division 37

    The Islands

    Mission Name Level Pillage
    Paradrop troops on the Islands 30
    Move in Air and artillery support 35
    Set up island garrisons 35
    Recce Island for Spider Holes 35
    Identify Enemy Island Fortifications 37 I-j0gcAX_iWZJfV3kV_CJQ.png?.png
    Pound the enemy positions 42
    Defend the Lodgement 45
    Battle for Beachheads 46

    Deep Seas

    Mission Name Level Pillage
    Enforce Maritime Blockade 45
    Setup Naval Base 50
    Engage enemy Destroyers 55
    Destroy Enemy Battleship 60
    Lay Sea Mines on tactical routes 62 LpJzzXMQBbVuAQQPvrGdfA.png?.png
    Hunt for Submarines 70
    Carpet Bomb Enemy Naval Base 75
    Wipe out enemy naval Fleet 80

    Cen. America


    Mission Name Level Pillage
    Provide cover to renegade forces 35
    Train Renegades for covert warfare 35 -rTBClNr46r22xtdH3uPdw.png?.png
    Secure coastlines 35
    Drop off supplies for renegades 40
    Target enemy Oil lines 42
    Lay siege on hostile towns 45
    Take Control of Enemy Supply Depots 50
    Carry out Air Raids 60

    Deep Forest

    Mission Name Level Pillage
    Carry out air sorties 55
    Track down an Enemy drone 60 Aq0b47ZFS9HBdx0idWSk5Q.png?.png
    Force Guerillas into Submission 70
    Recce for underground bunkers 80
    Air bomb Jungle hideouts 85
    Evade Air Defense Batteries 90
    Engage in Dogfights 95
    Setup a hidden Airbase 100

    High Mountain

    Mission Name Level Pillage
    Build and protect Mountain Observatory 80
    Set up a 'Tunnel rat' team 85
    Lay traps over the high passes 90
    Take over Enemy Air Base 95 8M-JVkpM1ySsN7pVJ0Uo0Q.png?.png
    Set up a protected airfield 100
    search and destroy enemy uranium mines 110
    Destroy extraction centers 115
    Defend the Mountain HQ from air strikes 120


    Ice Graves

    Mission Name Level Pillage
    Cross heavily mined Ice tracks 95
    Look for Ores and oil underground 100
    Look for enemy submarines under Ice Sheets 110
    Lay Mines under the Ice Sheets 115
    Setup ADS Base and defend it 120
    Setup Submarine base under the Ice 125
    Search for missing Submarines 135 VPd8T818bGohg5eMuy74kw.png?.png
    Destroy Enemy Submarine Base 145

    Gulf Coast

    Persian Coast

    Mission Name Level Pillage
    Secure the Highway to seaport 21
    Destroy enemy Oil Pipelines 23
    Take control of oil fields 25
    Neutralize Local Resistance 27
    Carry out night patrol along shore lines 30
    Prepare for sea landing 40
    Secure all major ports 45 xqRseSqG918c1vyetz_PGw.png?.png
    Defend oil fields 55

    Arab Coast

    Mission Name Level Pillage
    Attack a harbor from land 35
    Patrol the rough waters 40
    Defend the harbor 45
    Setup airbase on Shore 50
    Cordon-off enemy cargo ships 55 qWotc3qajnXkg9uOLFJQxQ.png?.png
    Ward off air attack 60
    Strike enemy shoreline 65
    Destroy enemy fast attack crafts 70

    Red Sea

    Mission Name Level Pillage
    ambush enemy naval commando team 85
    Defend Navy radar stations 90
    Hunt down Scout cruisers 95
    Attack enemy Airships 100
    Capture enemy Combat Ships 105 lW0oOVONwxrW_gNSiOdFDA.png?.png
    Move sensitive cargo undetected 110
    Destroy strategic enemy ports 115
    Pound enemy shoreline 120

    Asian Plains

    Yellow River

    Mission Name Level Pillage
    Setup Aerial Surveillance 80
    Bring down a Bomber Squadron 85 p0tfWM2WUw6qQisdXwL0VQ.png?.png
    Destroy River Bridge Outposts 90
    Airdrop Men behind Enemy Lines 95
    Enforce a No-Fly Zone 100
    Deploy the Air Defense Systems 105
    Execute a mid-air Rescue mission 110
    Launch an all out Air Strike 110

    Indo Basin

    Mission Name Level Pillage
    Make an Aerial Cordon 90
    Provide air cover to Army Convoy 95 bKWehgAenbGMmGFt-PDuvg.png?.png
    Perform Tank Maneuvers 95
    Engage enemy in Armoured warfare 100
    Destroy strategic river Dams 105
    Capture Hydro Plants 110
    Defend the Mines 115
    Capture the Administrative complexes 100

    High Ranges

    Khyber Pass

    Mission Name Level Pillage
    Provide cover fire to allied forces 40
    Destroy enemy's underground armory stores 45
    Secure High Passes 55
    Search for enemy Caves 60
    Capture enemy artillery nest 60 xSlhBD85tC4zsBZZoH6jQg.png?.png
    Build a base in low gorge 65
    Defend the strategic ravine base 75
    Pound the cave hideout of enemy command 80


    Mission Name Level Pillage
    Advance Attack the enemy valley 45
    Sneak into Enemy training Camp 50 DAaEtH6azNFFHktsEmllGQ.png?.png
    Setup a mountain Gunpost 55
    Send Supplies to High Camps 60
    Lockdown access to Everest Valley 65
    Precision hit the enemy Forward posts 70
    Provide covering fire to Ground units 75
    Fire Bomb K2 Enemy Camps 60

    Tibetan Plains

    Mission Name Level Pillage
    Hit the enemy communication lines 95 LmS7b7yZv-6dL-hmyeS9ZQ.png?.png
    Defend against artillery fire 100
    Provide support to artillery Units 105
    Attack Hidden Air base 110
    Set up a tank base 115
    Defend the mountain base 115
    Protect your ground training camps 120
    Gain access to enemy railway links 125

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