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    Research and Development help your military skills and tactics and also helps you optimise your resources. Here the player can distribute his Skill and Tactic Points. Also, change his Flag and Update his strategy.

    Skill points: They can be used to increase Max. Health, Max. Supplies and Max. Ammo. Also, can be used to boost Attack or Defence. 1 Skill point provides 10 Health and 2 Skill points give one Ammo. Rest all are directly proportional to the skill points assigned.

    Tactic Points: They can be earned by complete certain actions in the game such as Level up etc. They can distribute to either Ground, Air or Naval Tactics and make the particular department of your military stronger.

    Strategy: Player can opt from one of the following strategies, this can be changed for 100 Gold Bars.

    • AMMO - Generates Ammo faster
    • SUPPLIES - Generates Supplies faster
    • CASH - Generates cash faster

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