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    Each player in the game is assigned a unique Commander Code after installing the game. You can invite other players to be one of your commander if you know their Commander Code. Alternatively, other players can invite you if they enter your personal Commander Code. But these invitations need to be manually accepted or rejected. You will get notifications when someone sends you an invitation

    To find players interested in joining your military, you can use the game's official Facebook page

    Commander Code

    Commander code is the unique identification provided to every player. It can be used to recruit commanders into your Military Unit. Commander code will be relevant to recover your account in case if you loose access to your account.


    The complete list of every commander who joined with you in the Battlecry will be listed here. You can sort them and remove the inactive players by manually deleting them.


    There are two leader boards. One Global and one your local Leaderboard with your commanders. The leaderboard lists players under the following categories: Levels, Wins, Commanders, Strikes, OPS, Income.


    Every day the players can send a maximum of Five packs to his commanders and can receive 5 too. The packs can contain either of the following: Drone Codes, Supply, Ammo or Cash.

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