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    Special Operations

    Upon mastering the OPS on each Front you can take your army into carrying out special operations. Successful completion of Special Operations will be rewarded with amazing gifts from Attack Boost to Upkeep Boost.

    Name Reward Info
    Operation U-92 LPqmPCbc3LihThfVYf7eWw.png Gives 5% Attack Boost
    Valley of Steel t7_sLnwnmzff0SxMfLUuDw.png Gives 3% Defense Boost
    Operation Deep Vault 5xC2Ofn2f6Pcb-A1aVknpg.png Increases Treasury limit by 50%
    Operation Heavy Haul 6DuAlRVKBWaNpQTOwwKn0Q.png 25% chance of 2x Cash in Operations
    Floating Hope _ST1ZmekO3EZpZvQ8Fip0w.png Reduces Upkeep by 6%
    Sky Raiders XRchb7Znz1smyjFSNmrqxA.png Increases Max. money loot in battles by 100%

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