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    Terms of Service


    Players should refrain from posting excessively offensive content in the game. The abusing of an individual/group with racial, sexist or otherwise offensive content (including but not limited to harassment), where unprovoked or excessive will result in punitive action being taken based on the case. It is at the discretion of developers of the game as to what constitutes offensive content. Punishment may involve taking away of 'Posting' rights or a complete account block.


    Use of software exploits, bugs or glitches to disrupt the gameplay is not permitted. All exploits and bugs must be reported to the Help Desk immediately upon discovery. Using any feature for a purpose other than intended is exploit abuse.


    Use of any tool that allows the game to be played without interaction of the account owner is not permitted. This includes software macros, automatic clickers or use of mouse or keyboard driver software to provide input without interaction. Use of software, tools, scripts or otherwise to simplify or otherwise make gameplay easier is forbidden.


    Any attempt to Scam other players, and or impersonating the Developers or providing wrongful information to other players is punishable.


    Spamming any communication channel in the game with needless posts will result in revocation of posting rights.


    We provide support systems such as the Help Desk and the Forums to you at no cost. Abuse of these systems such as being offensive to developers or submitting false reports will result in punitive action.


    Attacking Developers with defamatory statements will not be tolerated. Depending on the degree of the violation bans and Ban-on-Sight can be issued as a violation of this rule.


    In extreme situations, a player breaking any clause of the TOS may be banned from the game with immediate effect without any prior warning.

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