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    What is a Tournament?

    Tournaments are Special Events in which you can take part together with your Alliance.

    To enter a Tournament, once it starts, an Alliance has to win a war while the tournament is active.

    While the tournament is active warning an opponent Alliance gives points based on Prestige Level of the Alliances involved. In the last hours of the Tournament, it goes into 'HEAT MODE', during this time winning Alliance earn 2x points.

    Total Domination, State Wars and normal wars all contribute to the tournament points earned. But if an Alliance loses more than 30% of their wars, Alliance get locked and stop giving tournament points to an opponent. They have to win wars to correct the ratio and unlock the Alliance again.

    What are Tournament rewards?

    It lets you win Special Alliance Medals that give attack and defence. You also win Cash Bonus rewards based on the performance of your Alliance. During some special tournaments, you can also win Gold.

    At the end of the Tournament, Medals are awarded based on the ranking of the Alliance in the tournament.

    Also, the personal performance of each Alliance member can be seen in the Alliance page. Based on the overall on you overall ranking in tournament special units are awarded to the top 20 players.

    A player's personal best ranking is shown on his/her profile.

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